Ventotene 23-24-25 April 2016

Ventotene a little isle of pontine’s archipelago is one of the most important hot spot for the migration of birds coming from Africa in spring.
Thousand of exhausted birds land every year on the isle that is became a nature reserve own for the protection of these animals.
Now many group of birdwacthers and photographers go around the tiny roads where only few years ago there were hunters with their rifle.
Here are some pictures of the three days where i did i don’t know how many time the round of the island in search of some rarities.
We were not so much lucky because there was a very very strong wind (30 knots!)
and the migration ceased in the days that we where there.

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Female European pied flycatcher. This was one of the most common passerine on the island.

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This period is a good time to go to photograph the goldfinches on the beach. Today at the mouth of the river Cesano there were many to feed on the seeds of Beach cocklebur
(Xanthium orientale subsp. italicum) with some greenfinch too.

It ‘s not impossible to get close enough to make good photographic compositions,  the important is to have patience until  “you become an anonymous part of the landscape”.


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