Parco Nazionale Foreste Casentinesi 5/6 October 2013


The  Italian Nature Photographers Association  (AFNI)  local branch Marche organized the last weekend a trip in this beautiful park.
The park extends on  the Apennine ridge, half in Tuscany and half in Emilia Romagna, we accomodates  in a hostel near the town of Pratovecchio location Casalino in the tuscany side.
The purpose of the visit was try to photograph the deer in rut.
Weather forecast were of strong storms but we were lucky,
despite the persistent rain we were able to go out in the woods and the results were in line with my expectations, perhaps higher.
A stakeout at dawn has allowed us to photograph a deer in rut
from a distance of less than thirty meters, the forest near the hermitage of Camaldoli is always amazing and we also met a family of dormouse!
Here you can view some picture i shooted, click on the pictures to enlarge!
















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