Golden Eagle

This morning at 11.00 on the way back from work, I met a golden eagle.
Before I had seen at least three different specimens of Short-toed Snake-eagle not far away.
The eagle is a subaldult and was mobbed by a common buzzard while a  Short-toed Snake-eagle was looking the scene from above.
A scene of wild life pretty rare to see for an anthropized territory like ours.
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Birding morning

At six o’clock at the harbour there were two Slender-billed gull and an oystercatcher, two birds pretty rare for my zone.
At ten i went to the hill to wait for raptor migration.
At the beginning a little flock of seven Red-footed falcon.
At 11.30 a.m. i saw a dramatic Honey buzzard migration with al least one hundred birds flyng over my head direction north (even common buzzard and marsh harrier)
What a good day today.

P.S. Evening update: OSPREY!!!

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Pico island – Azores

A trip with my family to visit friends, Enrico and Dania at CW Azores.
Cetaceans was the target for us but the primeval landscape of vulcanic rocks and the green and lush scenery have fascinated me a lot.
Blue whale, Fin whale, Risso’s dolphins, Cory’s shearwater  and an incredible experience swimming with the common dolphins betwin waves high like houses!

Thank you very much to Enrico,Dania,Stefano, Michael and all the staff.


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