Monte Catria 31 1 2015


Monte Cucco view taken from Coldipeccio Parco del Monte Cucco.


Yesterday afternoon, after two months of absence due to family problems, I’m back on the Monte Catria.

Exactly I was at Coldipeccio a small village at the foot of Monte Motette which is located between the Monte Catria and the Monte Cucco.

From here you have a magnificent view, both toward the Costa Grande of Monte Catria above the village of Isola Fossara, that towards the limestone buttresses of Monte Cucco at whose feet is placed the monastery of St. Girolamo and the wild Valle delle Prigioni.
It was snowing and I was alone and I did not have the heart to reach the summit of Monte Motette but I will certainly visit again this spring.
We are in the Regional Natural Park of Monte Cucco a real pearl little known and even little-used.
My intention was to make video recordings of the Costa Grande for a project that I have been ongoing for years, but the light did not help me, and just for a moment lit up the snow-covered peak.
La Costa Grande is a large limestone wall that descends from Pian D’Ortica almost to Isola Fossara where live the wallcreeper and the chough, golden eagles use thermals of hot air to gain altitude.
The sun goes down in the west so i crossed the Gola del Corno on river Sentino and I headed Valdorbia to try to shoot the last light on the peaks, but I arrived late and I had to taken only a few photos with the telephoto lens on Balza degli Spicchi.


  The snow-covered peak of Costa Grande, Monte Catria



Some Images of Balza degli Spicchi from west.






Almost night, a view of the opposite site of Balza degli Spicchi, at the upper left corner is located Pian D’Ortica.



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