Afni Marche trip to Sweden


I have always been reluctant to participate on organized travel photography
workshops or similar because for me the research of the wild fauna
is an essential part of this wonderful hobby that is nature photography.

Six months ago, however, with Afni’s friends we decided to organize
a trip to Sweden where lives Vitantonio Dell’Orto known and respected wildlife photographer who does the work of environmental guide / naturalist photographer at Sarna in Dalarna region.

During the preliminary contacts, Vitantonio remarked more times that Sweden is not Finland stating that we would not find huts for rent, sites for birds of prey etc.etc.
perhaps fearing that we might be disappointed not knowing that in reality
in my case (and others) was just what I was looking for.

We were a group of 8 people and we were in Sweden from May 31 to June 7, with a direct Ryanair flight Bologna-Oslo, the airport of departure was near our home and the 380 km journey from Moss-Rygge to Sarna with two Hertz rental car was very comfortable, the complete absence of traffic and the beauty of the area have meant that the transfer would become the beginning of the holiday!

We accomodate in Vitantonio’s Vandrarhem which is a kind of hostel
very comfortable with a large kitchen to prepare meals though, because of the commitments photo, we almost always opted for frugal meals.

In and around Sarna I have seen, and sometimes photographed
in order of appearance:

Northern Hawk Owl, a couple who gave the show below our lenses for hours, pure pleasure.
Gyrfalcon, a nestlings couple observed in the Park Fulufiallet.
Red-necked Phalarope at Flatruet extremely confident.
Long-tailed Duck couple in Flatruet seen very well with binoculars and photographed from far away.
Golden Eagle in flight on Flatruet reliefs.
Common Raven in Nipfyallet shooted on the mountain.
Golden Plover male at Flatruet photographed in the environment.
Ruff photographed in the environment at Flatruet.
Dotterel, a female on reproductive dress photographed at 4 meters.
Willow Grouse discovered by me on the road for Flatruet.
Capercaillie female found at roadside photographed several times by others in the group.
Bluethroat on Flatruet plateau photographed by others in the group.
Moose seen several times, the first time with the lens cap, not the last one 🙂
Mountain hare saw by the car at the roadside but not photographed because the camera was off 🙁
Osprey pair on the nest to Sarna Fjatnaset.
Black-throated Loon in different places but still far enough away, wary as beautiful.
Cranes lake Glysjon at least three / four pairs far away on the edge of the swamp.
Whooper Swan in pairs nesting with chicks   photographed in the lake Glysjon
Canada geese at the lake Glysjon.
White-tailed Eagle catching on Lake Glysjon
Great Spotted Woodpecker in pasture on Lake Glysjon dead trees.
Goldeneye nesting pair photographed in the pine hole on Sarna Fjatnaset.
Mergansers at Sarna’s Lake in front of the church.
Fieldfares nesting in the pasture in front of the hostel.
Great tit, Eurasian tree sparrow, Blue tit, Nuthatches and many others and families of Squirrels in the feeders around the hostel.

So much for the wild animals, but the part that I liked more was the discovery of the taiga and tundra environments completely new for me that left me truly amazed.
I took several pictures of these environments starting with the reindeer lichen.
The balance of the trip is certainly extremely positive, the return
perhaps must to be focused on a few species in order to obtain better pictures.

And now the images, this is what i managed to do in a week in Sweden…..
have a good vision!

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