Today 10 km on foot to monitoring the shoreline in search of gulls and other birds.
From Senigallia’s Beach Bar to Marzocca and return  walking light with binocular and Canon S3IS with teleconverter 1.5X (hoping to loose some hectogram of my 100 kg. 🙂IMG_20160213_110139

After last night  sea storm  there was a  sunny day and many gulls were resting on the shoreline, Commun gulls, Mediterranean gulls, Black headed gulls, and Yellow legged gulls and may be a Caspian gull too.

Even many Kentish Plover are forming pairs and one Great Crested Grebe in  distressed condition perhaps wounded in the leg.

Senigallia’s Beach is a good place for birding, even if there are many
disturbing element for birds, like dogs for examples, and u
nfortunatly even humans do their best like construct a moto-cross track on the beach.

However this don’t prevent to see Black headed gulls in display and Flamingos!

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