Pico island – Azores

A trip with my family to visit friends, Enrico and Dania at CW Azores.
Cetaceans was the target for us but the primeval landscape of vulcanic rocks and the green and lush scenery have fascinated me a lot.
Blue whale, Fin whale, Risso’s dolphins, Cory’s shearwater  and an incredible experience swimming with the common dolphins!

Thank you very much to Enrico,Dania,Stefano, Michael and all the staff.


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Castelluccio di Norcia 17 2 2018

Yesterday I returned to Castelluccio di Norcia after the earthquake that destroyed those territories.
Going up for Arquata and Pretare I felt a strong emotion and also the feeling of being out of place.
But then the melancholy has given way to admiration for such beauty.

I hope that many people will come back to visit Castelluccio to help the economy of these stunning places.

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